Associated Projects


Litecoin Studio leverages the LiteWorlds API to build a platform where users can explore and purchase curated collections of digital assets that offer practicality on the Litecoin Blockchain. This store serves as a hub for individuals who are keen on acquiring digital assets that possess value and can be utilized on the Litecoin network like profit sharing on the SadFrogGoods Website. The LiteWorlds API empowers us to seamlessly integrate and showcase these collections, enabling users to conveniently browse through various options and make informed decisions. Litecoin Studio ensures a secure and efficient experience for users looking to acquire valuable digital assets on the Litecoin Blockchain.


AudreyLite is a talented artist who aims to merge the practicality of digital assets with the promotion of her physical artwork, all while providing an outlet to also support her followers. She brings a vibrant and insightful outlook on life, beautifully expressed through her mastery of diverse artistic mediums.


An Api that now allows people to access and use the Litecoin Blockchain to its full extent directly in their browser. Look into it!

worm's-eye view photography of concrete building
worm's-eye view photography of concrete building